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Junior High

The middle school or junior high is the stepping stone between elementary and high school, as students move from  the self-contained environment of 6th grade toward the departmentalized credit bearing classes of their freshman year.  Class schedules and academic demands are designed to increase responsibility and accountability while emphasizing organization and study skills.  Students in 7th and 8th grade take cumulative 9 weeks tests at the end of every grading period in an effort to prepare them for semester exams required in high school.  TA students also participate in annual ACT Aspire testing through the MAIS testing program.

A typical schedule for 7th and 8th grades is as follows:

7th:                                                  8th:

English                                              English

Reading                                             Reading

Math                                                  Pre-Algebra

Life Science                                      Earth Science

American History                             LA History

P.E.                                                     P.E.

Keyboarding                                     Keyboarding